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Going Green

When it comes to the environment, The Team at E-City Wheels feels that we can no longer afford to ignore or deny the impact that we are having on our planet. However, we also believe that making the right choices and taking the right decisions doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices, and more importantly, it shouldn’t have to cost the Earth.

According to the UK Government, here in the UK, transportation accounts for 20% of our total emissions. This is why we are proud to introduce E-MO.

E-MO’s electric engine is virtually silent and because E-MO is powered by batteries, it emits no harmfull exhaust fumes, helping to keep our cities free from both unwanted noise and CO2 pollution.

The batteries do need to be charged and that does take power. So before we can claim to be completely CO2 free, we need your help. By choosing a Green Energy Supplier you can help us to reduce our carbon footprint, making us the greenest ride around.

With all the current talk of the environment and our need to reduce emissions, now is the perfect time for you and your company to plug in to the Electric R-evolution and go green today.

Our electric scooters and electric mopeds make the perfect addition to any company’s fleet of vehicles. With their low maintenance cost and at just pennies to fully charge, their economical benefits will leave more than just the environment better off.

Electric scooters are a cost effective solution to todays city congestion and commuting needs. Best of all they are a fun and efficient way for you and your staff to get around town.

Call today to find out how we can help you and your company reduce it’s carbon footprint with a green transport solution.

For more information about the environment and other related issues, visit the links below.

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