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Are Helmets Required?

All of our electric scooters and electric mopeds aside from Scoot-E are classified as road-legal mopeds that fall into either the 50cc moped category or 125cc learner motorcycle, so insurance and the proper driver’s licence will be required, along with a helmet.

What Kind of Licence do I need to ride?

50cc Moped

Anyone with a full driver’s licence that was issued before Feb. 2001 can ride a 50cc moped straight away. After that date a CBT course will be required.

The minimum age to ride is 16 years old.

For more information visit the DVLA’s website.

125cc Learner Motorcycle

If you don’t have a motorcycle licence at the very least you’ll need to take a CBT course and put an ‘L’ Plate on the bike. This will restrict you to not being able to carry a passenger or ride on the motorway.

The minimum age to ride is 17 years old.

For more information visit the DVLA’s website.

What is a CBT?

CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training. The CBT course is an introduction into Moped and Motorycle riding and can generally be done in a day. Depending upon where you live it could cost around £100.

How are electric scooters classified?

Electric Scooters are classified based on their engine power output and top speed.

If they do not have more than a 4Kw engine and a top speed of 30 miles/hr, they are classified as a 50cc Moped (L1e). If they go faster than 30 miles/hr and do not have more than an 11Kw motor they are considered 125cc Learner Motorcycles (L3e)

How far will they go on a single charge?

Range will always be affected by a number of factors such as terrain, weather and style of riding. All ranges have been personally tested by us here in the UK under regular urban stop and go riding at a top speed of 30 miles/hr.

At E-City Wheels if we can’t do the distance we won’t advertise it.

Will I need to get an MOT

Yes. Your electric scooter will need an MOT after 3 years just like a regular petrol scooter would. Any place that carries out MOT’s should be able to test your electric scooter too.

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