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Electricycle City

Electricycle City - Electric Scooter - Electric Moped
The perfect combination of power and performance all green to go.

If range is what you’re after and you need to go that extra mile then the Electricycle City 4.oLi+ is the clear choice for you. Powered by a 4,000W engine and 60V 60AH LiFePO4 Batteries, you can reach a top speed of 55 miles/hr and keep going for an amazing 80 miles on a single charge!

Now available with Silicone Batteries for the lite commuter.

It comes with the option of a 30 miles/hr speed restriction, so it can be classified as a 50cc moped allowing it to be ridden with a regular driver’s license. For those who want to take advantage of speeds of up to 55 miles/hr, an unrestricted version, 125cc moped, is available on request.

From the light commuter to the serious motorbike enthusiast we are sure the have a City that’s right for you.

Model City 4.o City 4.oLi City 4.oLi+
Motor 4,000W 4,000W 4,000W
Max Speed 50 miles/hr 55 miles/hr 55 miles/hr

up to 35 miles

up to 50 miles up to 80 miles
Batteries 60V 50AH Silicone 60V 40AH LiFePO4 60V 60AH LiFePO4
Full Charge

5 – 8 Hours 4 – 6 Hours 4 – 6 Hours
Warranty 2 Yrs Parts, 1 Yr Batteries 2 Yrs Parts, 2 Yrs Batteries
Brakes Disk/Disk Disk/Disk Disk/Disk
BMS No Yes Yes
Price £2,495.00 £3,995.00 £4,495.00

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