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Battery Power - Plug and Go !

At the heart of every electric scooter and electric moped is the battery.

The battery you chose has a great impact on the performance of your electric scooter, determining everything from range, power and ultimately price.

At E-City Wheels we believe the most important part in any electric scooter is the batteries. For this reason we buy our batteries direct from the manufacturers and install them ourselves here in the UK. This way we can ensure that every battery that goes into our electric scooters is of the highest standard.

Removable/Portable Lithium Battery

Silicone Batteries

Lithium batteries

If you are tired of looking for a charge point or dragging extension cords out the window, the solution is here.

Our removable battery is the perfect solution for city living. Just flip up the seat and pop out the battery to charge. Giving you the freedom to charge where and when you want. Whether at Home, in the Office or anywhere in between.

Type Li-Mn (Lithium Manganese)
Voltage 48V
Capacity 15Ah – 730Wh
Cycles* 1,000
Weight 8.3Kgs
Charge Time 3Hrs (Full Charge) – 2Hrs (80% Charge)
Warranty 18 Months or 7,500 Miles

* The Lifespan of a battery is measured in Cycles. A complete drain and full charge of the battery is 1 cycle.

Silicone Batteries are essentially a much greener and better performing version of the typical lead-acid battery.

Silicone Batteries are by far the greenest and economical option available today. Compared to typical Lead-Acid batteries, they get better performance and last longer. More importantly, being made from a Silicate Salt Compound and not Sulfuric acid, they are nontoxic and won’t corrode, making them easy to recycle and leaving the environment much better off. Currently our Retro and City models come with the option of Silicone Batteries.

Silicone Batteries provide the perfect solution for the light commuter

Type Silicone Gel Batteries
Voltage 12V each cell
Capacity 38Ah
Cycles* 400 – 500
Weight 11.5Kg each cell
Charge Time 5Hrs (Full Charge) – 2Hrs (80% Charge)
Warranty 1 Year

* The Lifespan of a battery is measured in Cycles. A complete drain and full charge of the battery is 1 cycle.

Lithium-ion Batteries are the latest in technology and can be found in everything from mobile phones to laptops and now electric scooters and mopeds.

They come in many different forms and the type that we use are Lithium Iron Phosphate or more commonly know as LiFePO4.

LiFePO4 Batteries offer lots of power in a lightweight package giving them a larger range, better acceleration and a longer battery life for those who need to go that extra mile. They are also extremely stable well balanced batteries that are very safe to use.

Type LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Voltage 3.2V 3.2V
Capacity 40Ah 60Ah
Cycles* 3,000 – 5,000
Weight 1.6Kg each cell 2.5Kg each cell
Charge Time 4 – 6 Hrs 5 – 8 Hrs
Warranty 2 Years

* The Lifespan of a battery is measured in Cycles. A complete drain and full charge of the battery is 1 cycle.

BMS stands for Battery Management System.

Whenever you are running many batteries in series, like we do with our lithium battery models, it is highly recommended to have a Battery Management System to help protect and prolong the life of the batteries.

Batteries in a series are a lot like links in a chain and your system is only as strong as your weakest cell. A BMS monitors each individual cell and will help prevent damage due to overcharge or overdischarge.

Our BMS is fully intergrated and communicates directly with our high end controllers and chargers offering full system wide protection and ensuring a balanced pack after every charge.

*not actual BMS used, photo just for display purposes



Our electric scooters are battery powered so they emit zero emissions, helping to keep our cities free from unwanted CO2 polution.

Using electricity generated from a traditional coal burning plant to charge your electric scooter would only generate 1/3 the amount of CO2 that a petrol scooter would to travel the same distance.

By choosing a green energy supplier you can help reduce our emissions even further making us the greenest ride around.

If a Petrol Scooter gets a mileage of 100MPG, at todays petrol prices it would cost over £5.00 to travel 100 miles and only going up.

Depending on the type of batteries it could take 1 – 4 KwH to charge the batteries from empty. If you have a Day/Night plan with your electricity provider it could cost as little as 30p in electricity to travel 100 miles.

To be fair we should also include the cost of the battery which can cost as little as £2,00 up to £4.00 to travel 100 miles.

This doesn’t include the saving generated from the maintenance free design.

Plug & Go! Just plug them in, charge them up and you’re ready to go. Their battery chargers just plug into any regular household three prong outlet and cost just pennies to fully recharge.

Buying an electric scooter or moped is a lot like buying a regular petrol scooter and being told you have to purchase the petrol that you are going to use for the next couple of years. Even with the great mileage petrol scooters get and the low cost to fill them up, it doesn’t take long for it to add up.

All of our electric scooter come with batteries included.

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